Question regarding under hood components

my question is what exactly is this stuff and where can i relocate it? or can i remove it? i will be performing a full engine bay wire tuck, removing/relocating lots of stuff to make the bay a little easier on the eyes. also want to make lots of room for the turbo and accessories.

so what exactly is this, and can i remove it? or where can i relocate it?

here is a close-up

??? :shrug: ???
thanks for the help. the wire tuck will be a slow and steady process. not gonna be doing it all at once. just piece by piece, bit by bit as i have time to do it.

passanger side:
if you are doing a full wire tuck you should be pulling the fuse box, those relays and all of the wiring thru the hole in the firewall into the cabin, where they come out(slit the grommet). mount the relays and fuse box under the lower dash panel. shorten any wires you need to or atleast ziptie them up. find a hole or drill a hole above where the door wires come out(i just used that hole), and run all of your wires right down the outside of your frame rail. if you decide to not do a full wire tuck you would run the engine harness connectors thru the grommet that would now be empty.

on 90-91 relocate impedance box on either crossmember or underside of intake manifold.
pull all of the wires that go down the inside of the frame rail into the cabin, then just like passanger side drill a hole above the door wires or use the door wire grommet to bring the wires to the outside of the front frame rail, and on to where they need to go.

why do people need step by step for this shit? i saw tegboi do a slight tuck and from there i figured everything out on my own. also do a non-abs conversion and u should be abled to throw those relays out. cleans up the bay alot.

those 3 relays are for your abs. i forget what they’re called but the connectors are like green/orange/pink if i remember correctly.