Question to All Who have Done a Clutch Job

Hi everyone

I just mated my s1 manual tranny to my 92 b18. and i have a feeling that my machine shop stepped the flywheel too much because the travel of the clutch lever is almost 80% before the release bearing touches the pressure plate fingers. It looks like it dissengages enough to let the disc spin but this is the first transmission i have done and i’m not sure how much travel is supposed to be there. If anyone has any thoughts on this i would definately appreciate them, or even if someone has the correct step for the flywheel i could measure it at the starter hole. Thanks for the input

Do the 92’s still use a cable clutch, or did they switch to hydro?

they switched to hydo in 94+

Simple…readjust the cable so it engages where you want it to. You’d have to do it regardless of flywheel machining…it’s no big deal. If you need assistance you’ll find something in 'teg tips on it.