I just got my 91 Integ LS…and someone told me that some integs some stock with an LSD…i just wanted to know if it was true of if it was just some guy tryin to look smart…i use to own a 94 civic ex…and had it all hooked up…but its gone now…and i guess i was kinda wishing i could get some ideas from you guys on what i should do to my Integ…i have an injen intake off my civic that is in 3 parts and didn’t know if i would fit on the integ…i also have a sway bar…let me know if any of you can help me out with my questions…thanks :slight_smile:

no usdm 90-93 integras came with lsd. I’m pretty sure the only integra in the states to come with an lsd is the ITR, in fact that may be the only usdm b series equipted car that came with one.

in japan its another story though. the jdm y1 and ys1 trannies came with optional lsd. some of the newer cars came with them as well, i’m unsure of the details though.


Thanks for clearing that up for me…