Questions about 5 speed swap in to 93 auto

Just bought a 93 b62p integra for 300 with a messed up motor. Too bad its an auto. Ok I am gonna make it a 5 speed I wanted to know that instead of splicing wires to rip out the harness and put in a 93 5 speed harness as in the whole cabin and engine bay? I have a 91 5 speed donor car but i need the obd1 off a 93 and the mounts are different. Also has anyone changed a 90 -91 obd0 integras whole wiring warness to make it an obd1 and will it work? As in the motor and cabin harnesses. I have the provisions to do so but i need no down time at all. The reason I want to do the swap is cause:
Its an obd1
Its got mint black interior
Its my favorite color Blue B62P
Body is flawless
And 300 bucks is not nothing for a good car