Questions about the Odyssey PC680

So the old crusty battery in my car is toast and I wanted to replace it and move it to the trunk. I was thinking of mounting it in a sealed box where the spare usually goes. Now my question is will this battery be enough to start my car? (91 with B18A1) The Odyssey site says it will, but Summit gives different specs on the battery.

But Summit says:

Will it work and why are they conflicting? I’m in Ohio and it hasn’t hit 0F in a long time here.

With either sets of numbers the batt. will work, I would go with the Summit numbers.
CCA = the number of amps a batt. can produce @ 32 degrees F for 30 sec.
RC = the number of min. a batt can deliver 25A while keeping it’s voltage above 10.5V

Let me ask you this, what is the batt. going to be used for, starting the car in cold weather, or running a audio system when motor is not running?:corn: 94

Mainly just starting the car. As for the system part, not my cup o’ tea. I was mainly just concerned with the discrepancy in numbers. The car is mainly a beater, but I might start having fun with it and would prefer to have as much room in the engine bay as possible. Coldest it has been around here has been in the mid 20s, I figured it would be fine.

Also would anyone know off the top of their head the height available from the bottom of the board that covers the spare tire to the sheet metal? (I know I can measure, but I’m lazy) Also are there requirements for a metal sealed box if I wanted to take it to the track on test and tune nights?

Edit: As of right now I am just getting a jump whenever I need to go to school or go home at the end of the night. The current battery won’t even hold a charge for the light bulb. I was planning to order everything (battery, wire, shut-off switch with removable key, box, and remote jumper terminals) tomorrow to get it all up and running by sometime next week.

If the batt. is not a “dry cell/jell cell” an it is installed in the pass. compartment or trunk, it must be in a sealed batt. box with venting to the outside.:sipread:94