Questions for Leif

First, your teg is schweeet. nice restore job.

Second, I saw that the carpet was around 400 with mats. Where did you get it from? Dealer? sounds too cheap to be dealer.

Third, Did you paint that car yourself? It looks like you did it in a garage. If so, where did you get the equipment and what equipment did you use?

That looks like a really expensive paint job but im sure it didnt cost you as much as its worth espcially if you did it yourself…

leif lives and dies by this site: :wink: :smiley:

they have good prices for OEM replacement stuff like full carpet, etc… i called them actually the other day, they are very helpful and can get you most of anything to replace in ur teg.

I thought leif ran

not sure… but i know he has said many times that he got his carpet, his armrest, and his leather wheel cover from ahmotor

jus savin’ you some breath leif! haha

I believe Loc runs

Oh thats right…shows how much I know

Originally posted by VICIOUS
I believe Loc runs

You are correct. By the way jgn, you should email Leif first. He responds (and has said so) quicker to email than he does to things on the board.


Leif? Loc? This is the stuff legends are made of;)

Leif replies in 3 min with Email, so yeah try contacting him there :slight_smile:

i did…about an hour ago

This is classic, archivethis!!!

I’ll go ahead and post the answers to your questions here since I get asked these questions often. Then I can just reference this thread when asked in the future.

This thread just makes me laugh:)

First, Thanks, I like it too.

Second, this thread will help you: is the goods. They have almost all honda/acura oem parts for about 20%-40% off dealer prices. But you have to call or email them w/ parts to make sure they have them. They only list accessories and stuff like that on their site.

Third, Yes, I painted my car in my garage. My Dad owned and operated a commercial painting company for many years so he had some experience. The paint job turned out pretty good but is far from perfect. The details and equipment needed is pretty in depth. This is not a project for the light hearted or impatient person to attempt. It took us a couple weeks to complete and I would rather pay someone to do it next time. It cost us a little over $700 in paint and supplies.

Here’s a link to some pictures of the process:

Anymore questions just shoot.