questions on b16

what is the diff. between the b16a sir1 and the sir2, i know that the sir2 has a hydro tranny and 10 more horses, but is it really worth the extra 1300? if i end up putting the sir1 in my car, how much faster will it be than the stock motor? because i have heard it feels like ur going faster but u really arent. would it be more worth it to put in a b18c or the b16 with 1500 in goodies.

go with a b18c. It has more torque to haul our heavy cars down the road.( Heavy compared to a civic)

well… i talk to a guy who ran a 15.2 with intake and exhaust on in his 92 gs-r, and the b16a1 only doesn’t have that much less torque than a b17a…