questions on mods

I have a 92 gsr and i was wondering what the best exhaust for it would be. I looking for a reasonable price but not sure wat will work good. Also i have heard
that the gsr headers are less restrictive than aftermarket headers but im not really
believing that, does ne1 kno if this is tru? Also would i seriously damage my shocks if i drop my car about 3" w/ coilovers.
thanx for ne answers

exhaust - go with 2.25 piping if u go custom. as for header, me not sure. If u lower ur car thee inches with coilovers, u will most defenitely need shox and also camber kit. Good luck with the mods.

Originally posted by NtegraPride
exhaust - If u lower ur car thee inches with coilovers, u will most defenitely need shox and also camber kit.

i know this to be sooooo true…especially the camber kit!!!

thanx for the info on the coilovers.

ne1 kno about the headers?


1st, it is a header…you only use one.:smiley:

a lot of people are using DC header. i had one and wasnt that impressed, but i had a ceramic 4-2-1…

i personally like the greddy header…but they are a lot of $$$

hi fastacin15. looks like you are new to the boards. welcome. do a search of things you’re interested in, and chances are you’ll find some good information that’s been discussed already. it’s a great tool to use for your advantage on this board.


by the way, nice car.

K thanx for the info.
I’ll prolly go w/ the greddy header ive got a greddy dealer up the street from me.:cool:
thanx for the search tip

nice car to u too.

Also one response to my exhaust ?? was to make a custom exhaust.
How difficult would that be and what all would i need?

I just put on a Greddy Mx system on my '93 Teg. since i bought a straight pipe thru the cat i had to not use the section from the cat to the pipe behid the muffler so I had the shop use 2.25 stainles custom piping and it worked goooood. yeah go with 2.25 its flows a lot better and adds a few extra hp over 2" and it only cost me $65.

HKS hiper is a great system for g2 teg. it is very streight through system…but it is not cheap:p

I plan on getting a tanabe rm, but it is preety loud and also expensive. I would go with that or anything from greddy( like the sp or mx)