Questions on removal of some underhood components?

Hi Gang

I live in Iowa. We have no inspection, no emissions. I have removed all sorts of emissions on my other car that gave me power and cleaned up the engine bay.

Since, I bought the teg recently, I am curious if the following be removed or modified…

  1. Purge Cut Solenoid Valve - Goes into Intake Manifold on one end and thru the hard line to the charcoal canister. If I eliminate the charcoal canister with it, I can take the line off it that goes to the throttle body and leave the line open that helps relieve fuel tank pressure. Only downside is the smell of gas under the hood. All lines that are being removed will be capped off, of course so there is no leak

  2. regulator Control soleniod valve - I assume this is the same as a fuel pressure solenoid. Can I take off the connections to the valve and hook a vaccum line up directly from FPR to tha manifold for a pressure source ?

  3. Dashpot with check valve - Archives say that the sole purpose of this thing is to soften deceleration. It attaches to the throttle rotor and is supposed to make deceration when you quickly let off the throttle a little less harsh. Chances are one won’t even feel a difference if its removed. There shouldn’t be any side effects either. I will do this when I install a CAI. Can I just take off the whole contraption with the little lever that goes to the TB?

  4. I cannot find the EGR valve and no. 2 control box on the diagram under the hood . Where is it ? I normally block-off the EGR so it doesnt send exhaust gas back into the intake. This helps keep the intake clean most of all…

  5. MAP sensor - Its setup funny. The line that its 'T’d off seems to dead end under the 2 valves. Why cant I run a line from it to a pressure source on the intake manifold directly?

Among all of the above, will unplugging the valves throw an engine code. I think the G2’s are OBD0, right? I would think not, but Hondas are picky, I know!

Sorry for the long post. Again, I am quite sure on how these valves work, but I would appreciate any education.

Hopefully, some of the guru’s and geeky members on here would enjoy this technical discussion and learn a lot from this :naughty:

  1. Purge Cut Solenoid Valve = yes you can do this
  2. regulator Control soleniod valve = ? don’t know
  3. Dashpot with check valve = yes I have this done on my car no problems
  4. EGR = ? I have not looked at. interesting idea though
  5. MAP sensor = I am pretty sure you have to leave that one alone I remember reading in the Helms man. that the T is supposed to stay there.

you will only have an EGR if you have an auto.

and the 90-91 g2’s are obd0
and the 92-93 g2’s are obd1

EGR valve

NC-B17A - I have done this on several mitsu’s and its well worth it, I wanna try it on the teg now but cannot find it. I need to buy a helms to see what they say. Thanks for the help! But speeddaddy says 5 spds dont have them.

The Fuel pressure soleniods in mitsu’s help in increasing base fuel pressure during startup and supposed to be useful in colder areas. I wonder if it works the same. I know the stock FPR is probably not 1:1 and runs off manifold pressure - hence the line to it. I could try except I am run richer or leaner. Dunno how much. I would need a wideband 02 sensor to really tell. The “blinkey lights” wont help me in this case :rofl:

Speeddaddy - really ??? Very interesting. Is there some reasoning for that. I’d like to learn…Thanks!

i have no clue why they are only for auto’s. i never bothered to figure it out hehehe. but when you find out post it up, im sure it will be welcome info… if it’s not been covered already on here.

the dashpot FOR SURE can come off with no problems. i bought a cheap strutbar off ebay and it rubbed on top of the dashpot, and believe it or not, caused a rough idle…so i asked my frend, and he just yanked it off. Nevertheless, the car ran the same, with or without it…weird huh?

what is a dash pot?

look under your hood at the vaccum diagram

look under your hood at the vaccum diagram, its there.
I wonder if it has a potentiometer of some sort. They are referred to as POTS for short. (I am just guessing)

boostboyee - did u end up removing the dashpot w/ check valve? if so, i’d like to buy it off you, mine snapped in half when i got in a little fender bender the other day…let me know!