Questions on Skunk2 Megapower header install

Hey guys,

I’m getting around to installing some megapower b series headers. I have a 1991 GS with a b18A1 and am currently running DC headers, test pipe, and a cat back Greddy exhaust. Will installation of the megapower header eliminate the need for the test pipe? Should the header collecting pipes bolt up directly to the exhaust? Or will I need modification for this to fit? Also I plan on replacing hardware (header bolts) with the install too. Do you guys recommend any aftermarket (ARP, etc) options or just OEM? Thanks for the help.

I’m not sure I assume a 4 piece adj test pipe that someone or a muffler guy can weld easily or it will make a easier fitment and oil pan clearence But as for the arp exhaust bolts I would recommend them, I have them, make sure there tourqued down to spec though.the exhaust bolts tend to strip out after over tightening pretty easily