quick question! b18 heads

just need a definate answer then you can close the thread or what ever.

can i put a 98 integra ls head on my 90ls? i mean can i use my exhaust manifold and intake manifold and fuel rail and all. i need an answer quick! a guy has a head for sale and i have dibs but only for another hour.

so what i am saying is, can i put a 98ls head on my car, will it work fine, or is there something i have to switch over to like obd 1 or something.

hurry and let me know!

got answers

Yes it will fit, just use your old obd system.

any ls head should work but the dc head’s from the 94 -01 integra are the ones of choice usually because of the mileage factor and the domes for the valves are designed better. You will have to use your stock intake manifold and exhaust manifold or header for your da though. Only difference are the obd (on board diagnostics) systems. in newer styles like 96 -01 it is obdII but for 92-95 it was obdI. 90-91 model are only obd0 though. You might be wise to invest in a new intake, exhaust, valve cover, and head gasket though.