Quick question, looking for a 12v source in the bay only when ignition is on.

title says it all i need to know a wire thats in the engine bay that i can tap into that supplies 12v but only when the ignition is on. thanks :slight_smile:

you can just use the free pins in the under dash fuse box.

What do you need it for, [load]?
Do you need “true ign.”, [hot in run and start] or “2nd ign.”, [hot in run but not start]? :hmm: 94

its for my rad fan, its on a switch now, i want to use a 12v when ignition on only instead of the constant 12v i’m using right now (yes i know thats bad lol) so that way when i have the switch on if i forget to flick it off when i turn the car off the rad fan doesn’t keep going and kill my battery. my switch is breaking the ground.

OIC, so the question is why are you using a switch to control the rad fan?

Anyway you could use the black/yellow at the rad fan relay.

That’s got to be a big ugly switch, [15A] you are using to control the rad fan, why not just fix the problem you are having, or at the very least use a small 1A switch to control the rad fan relay?:hmm: 94