quick question? new deck

i’m planning to purchase a new deck for my car and i was wondering if it’s easy to install. How much time would it take just to replace the deck (i have the stock one right now)? i tried searching but couldn’t find an answer to this question(maybe its so simple???).


There are a few ways of changing your deck.

The way I changed mine was that I purchased a new center (plastic piece that holds the actual deck with a built in pocket thing). Trickiest part is getting the deck out. I believe that there are two 8mm nuts deep behind the deck that holds it in place. Not sure on the sides but i’m sure there aren’t any. You can also purchase a bus converter (instead of doing the hard labour of cutting each wire etc etc).

You can buy these things at futureshop/bestbuy stores…



i always thought it was sumthing that i could unscrew and pull out… i guess not…

if i have no experience with this, do you think its a good idea that i try doing this myself? or should i pay someone to do this for me?

bestbuy will do it for you for like a extra $40 or 50 or something like that if the deck is i think $100 or more and that is including harness and the plastic surround. and they do good jobs at it generally.

Are you kidding me? Its just a bunch of high school kids that get to put that stuff in. Then they know what is inside your car and how it was installed. Then later you find your car was broken into and your shit stolen. Just do it yourself. I can pull AND install a radio in under 10 minutes (that does not include stripping and clamping wires to the wire harness).

Just go here it will answer all your questions.

Just go down to your local car audio store and ask for a wireing harness metra # 70-1720 and an install kit bestkit # bkhonk828 and your all set. The wireing harness will go color to color preety much. Just make sure you use a crimp connector or have your wires soldered then heatshrunk and taped.There are to 8mm screws behind the deck, you canalso use a philips tip on an angle driver too.The install kit will fit into the oem radio opening. Then put the radios sleeve and anchor the cage, then plug in your harness and your aftermarket radio, outside and not inserted yet and test to make sure everything works.If it does, your done! You cuold probably do it in about 2 hrs max.If you have problems or guestions e-mail me and i’ll help. :rockon:

But I do agree on the best buy shit, along with circuit city too! :giggle:

thx :clap:

man you CAN do this yourself if you have a want to learn it and are somewhat knowldegeable about how to attach wires together. I personally think paying someone 40-50 bucks to do something you can do yourself for 6-12 is a RIP OFF.

Check out BLADES write up with PIX on his link… THIS IS EASY!!! Save 40 bucks and Do it yourself. Then you can charge someone else 10-20 bucks to put theirs in!!! AFTER you learn of course.

weird when my mom got hers HU installed there just before Xmas the only people that were working back there where all in there late 20’s early 30’s so they arent all high school kids and the guys that did hers got it all installed and had the dash put back together in under 30 minutes.

but hondas are all generally easy to do. i have done all of my 4 tegs myself, so i mean once u get it all apart it is easy