quick question on seatbelt.

I know this has probably been covered before, but i almost got a ticket today, because the seat belt re tracker doesn’t go back to where it is supposed to. so i was only wearing the belt that goes across the waist. lol

It is all the way up front and does not go back. Well i’m new to integra’s and just bought this car. and i was looking for a burnt fuse or something in the motor compartment and i didn’t see anything, can someone point me in the right direction? i also saw someone here talk about a computer or something? where is this? thanks!!!

Any help??

take it to the dealer, seatbelts have life time warranty

lifetime warranty ftw!

yea i guess im gonna have to take it to the dealer. but i was just wanting to check around first to see if i could fix it or something lol. Well my integra does not have the owners manual. So should i take like a copy of the warranty thats here in this website? lol

my pass. side would go back and forth when i hit bumps. then one day it stuck forward. so i took the door apart and removed the whole latch assembly. at first i realized that if i loosen the 3 screws on the inside that hold the latch that the seatbelt would operate correctly. too bad its not a smart idea. instead i found that if i take out the assembly and put a washer under the big piece of metal plate that it shims it up enough so it creates contact when the latch catches.

Auto seat belt fix.

I went to dealer for that exact problem, the tech basicly forced the clip all the way back into locked position, and when I opened the door it went forward automaticly…? Then it worked for a couple times back and forth then stopped again I forced it back in to the locked Shoulder position , and finally it seems to be working fine…? I have no Idea if this will work for you, but it was really hard to move back to locked position, (espically the corner) but I just used my hands and it seems to have fixed it… Let me know if this works for you…?

^ hmm i’ve tried just pulling it back into position, but haven’t used “force” though. I guess i should give it a try. Well when i got it the previous owner had removed the drivers door panel. I see like two wires hanging that are not connected to anything. anyone know what these wire harnesses are for?

i will have pictures of these wires tomorrow.

take it to the dealer, let them fix it

you don’t have to physically pull it back into place. in the rear seat side panel just behind the front door there should be a small square piece of the panel that can be popped out with a screwdriver, and behind it is a torx (i think) bolt that will pull the belt latch back along the track. i had to do that on my old teg when mine got stuck all the way forward.

now i have a canadian teg, manual belts FTW :smiley: