quick question on Valve cover

when u want to paint ur valve cover is it necessary to have a new valve cover gasket… or can u use the same one and have no problem with it??

You can use the same one as long as yours is still in decent shape. However you’ll need too re-HondaBond the gasket at each of the flat areas that are near the 4 half circles for the cams on the gasket to prevent oil leaking.

where do i get this hondabond stuff? is it essentially just rtv sealant or should i definitely go with the honda product?


Permatex makes a labeled equivalent if Hondabond can’t be found locally. Both are available online. As far as I know, it’s not just regular RTV.


hondabond can be bought at honda dealer for $6

you can just use gasket seal from auto zone or pepboys. it works the same, infact, it is the same…