Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub Adapters

Anybody use any of the numerous brands of Quick Release Hub Adapters? If so reply with your brand and your review. Thanks.

Tekniq auto… street version.

has a key, puts the steering wheel slightly closer to you. makes a great conversation starter with Hooter’s girls when u tell em that its a keychain. :smiley:

HAHA, that is definitely a good conversation starter. Have you ever used the Tekniq one?

that’s what i have currently.

Do you think you can post a pic of it? and How do you like the convenience?

kinda inconvinent actually but hey its better than some1 trying to steal my car. and i’m just used to taking it out all the time now. i just keep a backpack in my car for it. i’ll post pics as soon as i get my DSL to work again. til then just check out the website here


I have the same on. The fake leather one. It has gel grip and is very comfortable. I’m very happy with it