quick trailing arm question

My trailing arm went to shit on my da and Im looking to replace it. I was wondering if the dc trailing arm is identical to the da one. I Google It and some say it is and some say there’s a slight difference. Can someone help me verify if not.? Thanks

They are not identical. You can use DC TA’s on your DA, but they are not identical.

Will they bolt up exactly or do I gotts switch out the bushing

They’ll bolt up just fine. In fact you can’t change the bushing. You need to use the DC bushing, the DA one won’t fit into the DC arm. Also, one brake line bracket will be missing or wont’ bolt up so you will want to zip tie it. Or, you can modify the bracket off of your DA TA’s and put that onto the DC arms. That’s what I did. Also, the DC arms should INCREASE camber. If you’re stock height then you’ll likely want an adjustable UCA so you can bring your camber back to 0. If you’re lowered and have negative camber then you’ll end up with less negative camber after installing the DC arms. Depending on what alignment settings you have now and what you want, you may need to make an adjustment there.

Here are some photos of DA vs DC (mainly I was comparing brake lines, so it doesn’t show the whole arm). DC arm has the steel braided line, DA has the stock rubber lines.

Here’s my brake line bracket (from DA) before I modded it to fit the DC arm

Here’s my brake line bracket (from DA) after I modded it to fit the DC arm

I originally changed to the DC arms 10yrs ago in order to install Mugen TA bushings. This past year I upgraded to PCI spherical TA bushings. Having the DC arms gives you more options for TA bushings.

Thanks a lot!