quick way of refilling your Manual transmission fluid

this tip may already be somewhere on here. i didn’t find it so i decided to post it in case noone ever thought of it before.

During the weekend, i found out that you could fill your tranny back up with fluid via the breather at the top of the tranny (near the starter and the abttery. before you do this, all you have to do is remove a plug that sits on the right side of the tranny (behind the wheel. that shallowly(is this even a word/) fits a 1/2 inch driver (breaker bar or ratchet) . all you have to do is squeeze the bottles of oil through the breather untill it starts coming out of the hole you unplugged. i was able to put in 3 quarts in under 4 minutes. didn’t even have to take off the wheel. hope this helps someone!

If you are able to access the fill plug hole from up top(which you can) then it’s just as easy to route a hose from that to the top of the engine. Both ways work just fine but you will be able to pour the fluid through the fill hole faster then the breather.

which hose? i just poured it in there from the bottle. where is the fill hole anyway?

The fill plug is the same plug that is used to inspect the level. The one you removed. Just use any normal hose.

The fill pulg is a 17" bolt head, and the drain is jsut below it which is a 3/8" drive

the one i removed was a 1/4 inch drive on the right side of the tranny. i always assumed that the fill plug was the 17mm bolt head to the left. the one

Are you sure the drain plug is 1/4"? I’m positive if it’s stock it should be 3/8" drive. And yes the fill plug is above it to the left. Just run a hose from that fill plug ocne removed to soemwhere around the top of the engine and fill fluid through there with the bottle.

i see where the mix up is. i opened the plug on the right so that the air could be relieved in the tranny housing and easily squeeze the fluid in without it shooting back out. the plug is on the right at the bottom of the tranny and accepts a 1/4 inch driver. if you do it this way, you can just tip the bottle upside down on the vent hole and squeeze the fluid in. no need for pumps or hoses.

my drain bolt is a 3/8 ratchet

i’m sure it is but that is not the one i am talking about. yes, you still have to drain from there, but i am talking about filling the tranny. the drain is on the left. the one i am talking about is on the right and it is a large driver (1/4 inch)

larger driver then u mean 3/4? and 3 quarts is WAY too much for a trans. it only takes about 1 1/2 quarts. i refill mine through the vss. i remove the 10mm bolt that holds it and i pull out the vss and bam u got a hole that u can fit a regular funnel into. and like i said 1 1/2 is all that it should take. or else u cause premature wear on your transmission parts.

really? everywhere i’ve gone tells me that it takes 2-3… i guess i’ll have to open up the fill hole and drain out the excess… i mean the driver (ratchet head) that is third-in-line of the sizes from smaller to larger i guess it would be 1/2 an inch? i never really had to label the size of the driver so i am not sure, lol.

It takes 2.3 qt.

u sure? cause if u fill from the correct fill plug then once u reach about 1.5 to a lil over it starts to run out.

I fill my tranny through the VSS. A lot quicker and cleaner

I just changed my manual transmission fluid today to GM Syncromesh. (The guy at the GM Parts Dept. actually asked me if it was for a Honda, and gave me “the stuff all the Honda guys are asking for…”) AcDelco Syncromesh - Friction Modified

I didnt have any real grinds in the transmission, so much as it was a bit clunky going into 1st and reverse. Feels a little better now tho I havent had the chance to drive it much since this afternoon.

I just wanted to point out though that this thread REALLY could use some pictures cuz I couldnt find a “VSS” or a “breather at the top of the tranny.”

Luckily a hose and funnel worked well enough.

Thanks for the rest of the info though, very helpful.

i’ll try to put pics up later. taking out the vss is more trouble than what i’m talking about.

^^ yes please update with pics or diagrams cuz I’m about to change my tranny fluid this weekend… thanks!

^^ double that