quietest exhaust

I currently have a 4-2-1 header, OBXR high flow cat, and a Tsudo exhaust, and it’s a bit too loud for my tastes, (it also rattles really bad cause Tsudo sucks). Can anyone recommend me the quietest exhaust that’s affordable.

I am planning on a 2.5in header (already have), carsound cat, and whichever exhaust is the quietest and least raspy. I’ve grown up since I put the tsudo on and need something to tone it down.

put the cat back on… :werd:

the only reason I took it off is because I had to cut it off the car it was so rusted. the tsudo exhaust rattles like, it bounces off parts of the car because it doesn’t fit right. the obxr cat rattles too.

well i have tenabe medallion concept g it never reaches over 93db and thats with out the cat. if you put on a cat its a lil quieter. they also have other types for different tastes.

GReddy SP2 and Tanabe Hyper Medallion are pretty quiet. but if you want something REALLY REALLY quiet, get the RS*R Ex-Mag. I believe that it is LITERALLY the quietest exhaust on the market.

anything quieter would be stock.

i personally have the GReddy SP2. its a great exhaust, not too loud at all. at first, all i was running was a stock exhaust system with a 2.5" axle back pipe to a an ebay canister. and that thing was twice as loud as my greddy. the greddy can make a little noise if you want it to. but it is pretty quiet where you need it to be quiet :wink:

think I’m gonna go with the Greddy, from what I’ve been reading, and have heard it before on a del sol, pretty nice, doesn’t rust either.

instead of a carsound cat, are there any cheap cats that will bolt up in place of my stinky test pipe.

was also thinking if it’s too loud I could just add a turbo manifold, those quiet exhausts pretty well

GReddy SP2 on a DA:

NOT MY CAR! belongs to ErMaKsDa9. and the video really makes it sound louder than it really is. i can vouch that this exhaust is rather quiet while driving.

es tuning from jhpusa.com

honestly, my magnaflow oval muffler with 2 1/4" piping and carsound cat is pretty quiet unless you really get on it. i paid like $300 total for the mandrel bent piping from kteller.com, magnaflow muffler, and carsound cat. (welded it all myself)

just throwin it out there

oh and with the oval muffler, you mount it in the stock location, so cops never hassle you about an aftermarket exhaust (at least around here they dont)


damnn all i payed was 90$ for mandrel bent piping…

is there a cat for sale that will bolt into the stock exhaust location, so I don’t have to get a carsound one welded.

Eye wood lake eh stalk won four mie.

I got a high flow replacement cat (not a test pipe), with the greddy SP2, it is actually definitely louder than the Tsudo (with a test pipe), but I like the SP2 with the Cat, it sounds nice.

Hopefully the sound will deepen as it breaks in, and I think cats need a break in? I’m not sure though but I’m happy with it.

my HKS hyper was quiet until i removed the cat, but it was a nice clean sound and quiet for the most part

my friend (a member on here) has the Tanabe Hyper Medallion…it is almost stock sounding until you get up to about 5k rpms…very nice.

:stuck_out_tongue: shot in the dark , any company made an exhaust to make it sound deeper kinda like a v8 … :stuck_out_tongue: …im also looking for a quiet exhaust mines way to loud …like anyoyingly loud lol

Just get like 10 resonators and like 5 cats and it should be pretty quiet.

new OEM?

it actually has some kind of deep tone to it, not too loud actually and i wouldnt say it sounds bad…maybe its just me. I could take some video of it.

I really like the HKS hyper but it’s a bit loud when you let off.

I loved my DC Sports exhaust, I wish it wasn’t discontinued. Otherwise I would’ve gotten another one.