Quite performance exhaust? +cat?

I want to find a cat and a cat back that will be no louder then a stock setup, but with good perfromance…All the places I have looked advertised increased sound. I want NO sound… I like go, no show whatsoever. Does such a thing exist? Thanks!


ok, I take that back, it’s not a literal statement…I want NO RICE sound…My friends teg is nasty fast, I think he runs 14psi daily, but its nasty loud…cruising in mine on the highway at 70mph is hard to talk over, in his cruising at 30mph is worse.
I just dont know what the hell I’m looking for, becuase everyone seems to think that bieng the fucking noisiest POS is some kind fun.

I have a Tanabe Hyper, magnaflow cat, civic res., and 2-1/4 mandral bent pipe and it sounds awsome. It has a nice low tone no rice at all!!

I’m in that same boat man. I have a stock size “replacement” 2" system, then at the end I have a Supertrapp muffler. The only reason Ive kept it is it wounds stock. The reason i like it is all you can hear is my engine working the whole time. It sounds all… “electronical” some guy told me cuz the intake sounds sweet then the Vtec kicks in and it sounds all ferrari like. LOL yeah, but it sounds perfect, im afraid to change to a 2.5 system or a catback and having it sound like a ricer car.

yeah you can get such an exhaust.

Run a Carsound cat and an RS*R exmag exhaust


u have a lil more infor, where u can buy em and for how much? thanks


exmag exhaust


carsound cat



P.S. Do you know of any that are 2.5 inch piping instead of that one that is 2.36?

how much power are you putting down to need a 2.5" exhaust? bigger isn’t always better.

and to answer your question, nobody makes a 2.5" exhaust for our cars. You have to go custom.

kteller.com” does offer pre-fabbed 2.5" ‘piping kits’ for our cars…though you still have to buy a muffler and have it welded on. and the piping kits do not include flanges, i think it uses those u type clamps.

well i have a dc sports exhaust and its hella quiet but im i think its only a 2.25 piping though

i believe the DC exhaust is discontinued now.
My friend has one on his GSR and I think it sounds really nice.