R*SR Exmag GT II

Hey guys, I’m pretty much decided on the ex-mag GT II catback exhaust for my g2. I’ve read a lot of different articles and opinions, and it seems to be one of the quieter ones (which is what I’m looking for), but I was wondering if the cannister-style had any fitment or hanging issues? I searched and read through a lot of different topics, but most of the pics aren’t hosted anymore so if anyone could help it would be great!

sick system… bolted on 15 minutes

RSR will always fit well. As will Greddy.

I wanted a quiet exhaust too, but I didnt get a pre-bent thing due to price issues. i bought an Apexi World Series II muffler and had a custom catback (with a 60cm resonater) put on. the piping is cheaper and less quality (not mandrel) but the sound is beautiful. It is the quietest non-stock exhaust i have ever heard. its pretty nice. just another option for ya

Yeah, I noticed the other day that my stock cat-back piping (still got it lyin’ around!) has smooth bends, even though it’s not Mandrel bent. Flow seems like it’s still great. The advantage of a bigger pipe is more room to flow & if it’s stainless; it’s lighter too.
The stainless piping (being thinner-walled) is louder than the thick stuff too.
A big res. will always quiet stuff down too. I’m gonna wrap mine w/ header wrap soon to see if it quiets things down a bit more. gotta get a cat put on again as well. Test pipes are too loud for me & I swear I lost some torque in the bottom cause of it! :getsome: :manual:

The gt2 system is fucking LOUD

Yeah, you want the reg. Ex-Mag, not the GT2 if you want a quiet exhaust. I don’t know of any cans that are really that quiet. I havent looked though, the stock look suits me better.
:getsome: :manual:

its not that loud if u use the scilencer, stock header, an have a cat installed. when u punch it, the sound of your intake will drown it out. my gt2 sounded quiet enough with that setup.

I love my GTII. It one of the best exhausts that I have ever run. I am completely happy with it.
It isnt the loudest and its not the quietest. It opens way up from mid-hi.
sounds excellent. no way to describe it…just crispy