Racing Seat Brackets : Wont Fit!!

Ok So I got some seats (actually they were a gift) and They came with sliders. However they don’t have brackets…I was gonna use my stock brakets and the sliders that came w/ the seats…but BAH it’s not happenin! Does anyone know a way to make this work? I was thinking drillin new holes in the seat…but…dont think that will work…anyone have any suggestions? Thanks :bow:


What kinda seats did u get? If they are sparcos or weapon r then u should just get the weapon r rails and sliders. I had sparcos in my second DA and the wedge tech rails suck!!! they didnt fit well and expensive too. I think the weapon r cost $65 for the set of 2.

i got my brackets/sliders from (don’t ever buy anything from them) and i had to redrill new holes in all of the sliders to fit the seats. it wasn’t hard, just took some time.