racing steering wheel help!

Hey guys & gurls,
I want to put a momo steering wheel in my 90 Ls, but when i put the adapter on, the plastic ring to where the cruise control gets connected at is in the way. And the steering wheel adapter dosnt sit all the way back. So how do i got about removing the plastic ring so I can put the stering wheel in?..or i cant? :hmm: …so i guess the to make the question shorter? do i make the adapter fit correctly?

you have to remove that plastic ring, just pull on it gently, it’ll come off.

i think i tried pulling it off…its pretty hard…if i pull too much…i feel like im going to break it…is there an easier way?

i beleive when i tyook my wheel off the ring came off with it…i actually have to use mine to get the horn to work

Look what I found when I :search: ed

check out what I posted there…

hey ninetyteg, check out the teg tips It’ll show you how to do everything


:werd: this explains it all. used this tip to install mine last week :clap: