rad fan switch missing on obd0 engine harness

Hey, I just swapped a b18b motor in my obd0 teg and the only thing that seems to be missing is the wire for the fan switch. Where is it located on obd0 engine harness?

Also trying to figure out how to adjust the idle right for the 403’s. I’ve been reading a lot lately on how to adjust them to idle ok until I get it tuned, but if anyone would like to put their 2 cents in now it would be appreciated. I will be adjusting the valves tomorrow to help the idle problem because I think they are too tight now.

your original fan switch was on the back of the block near the oil pressure switch… it has two white connectors like the temp guage sending unit

thanks, I was wondering what those 2 wires were for. So I should just be able to see which one gives power and which gives ground and hook it up. thanks alot for the info pleather.

just make sure you dont be like me and accidently hook it up to the oil cooler wires instead :stuck_out_tongue:

on b18b1 blocks there is a plug where that sensor is on the b18a1. Just swap the sensor on over. It’s on the back near the oil filter/sending unit

  1. i was to lazy to and 2. ive dont think ive ever gotten the oil hot enough for that switch to activate the fans… if i did id be worried