Radiator fan

Why isn’t my radiator fan working? It’s hooked up properlyl.

Your engine isn’t hot enough for it to turn on.

your temperature sensor for the fans may be bad, or the relays for the fans may have gone bad. Most manuals should tell you what to check.

That fan only turns on when your a/c is on


I don’t have A/C. The car didn’t come with it.

where is the temperature sensor for the fan? Is it the one that is on the bottom of the radiator?

After a semi-hard/long drive, my fan stays on for an hour after the car is turned off =O)

some common problems with the radiator fan, like it stays on too long, could be related to 1) the radiator fan relay, a little black box in front of the battery, $30, or 2) the fan timing control unit, bigger black box located under the dash, $130 new. I replaced both even though the problem was the more expensive one and now works perfectly. :slight_smile: Just thought you could use the info for reference.

Have you taken your fan assembly apart and tested the fan motor to see if it’s working… just hook it up to the battery… if it works, then it’s one of those things mentioned above…