Radiator Hose Question

With the half sized radiator, am I better off getting the ek b16b hoses? Reason I ask is I found a set of samco hoses in a certain color I’m debating on that only come in the b16b ek or DC integras. No love for the DA’s…I’ve heard the DC won’t fit but a b16 hose will? Just confirming. Thanks

you search mishimoto? that’s where i got my radiator hoses from

The issue isn’t companies. I know mishimoto products and I know their good. The problem is samco has a set of hoses that are urban camo I’m debating on using. Really depends on what I visually see with the engine bay color scheme in whole.

Second, I’ve heard the civic dual core half size has a smaller neck for the hose? If no ones had problems with fitment i’ll just stick with some new oems.

Yes EK Civic has smaller diameter hoses than Integras…

And also, GSR motors have a different layout for the hoses than a B16 does…