radiator leaking from cap please help

recently i have noticed leaking from my radiator. when looking closely it seems like its right at the base of the radiator cap, so i figured i simply need to replace the cap. i did but it did not help the problem. i am still leaking coolant and when driving hard it gets all over my intake and distributor and radiator. i am very frustrated. if it means anything i noticed it very short after i installed my AEM short ram intake on friday. after installed we filled it back up with coolant because it leaked alot when detaching the hoses and we filled it to the brim, and some leaked over, could it be thats its simply too full and getting rid of the extra? this was two days ago though. after driving my car it reaks of coolant and i am annoyed because i just got the car a week ago :frowning: . (its a 96 integra GS-R, 122k miles, it was meticulously maintained by the previous owner, some old lady so hasnt been raced to shit). if anyone can help or has any input it would be much appreciated.

is your overflow full?

strange man

it sounds like a defective cap but since you replaced that the odds are slim you got a second bad one…just in case pressure test it to make sure it is holding the right pressure. Maybe the spring inside the cap is weak or you somehow got the wrong one.

Any chance the radiator has a small crack just under the cap. My original radiator had a crack just under the cap, the plastic tank became brittle over the years. I replaced it with a $100 all-metal radiator off the net (can’t remember which site), and it has been doing fine for last couple years.

how do i check and see if my overflow is full?

follow the line that goes from the radiator cap to where it goes into a off white tank…unscrew the lid and see if its full or not!

it isnt…what else could it be, or is it surely cracked

I think there are 2 differnt radiators that come in g2’s and you may have got the wrong one…did you get the one to match the brand of radiator in your car, one is a toyo, and i cant rember what they other one is, but maybe you have the wrong one…

Also if you do have the right one, see if you can test it on another G2 with the same brand radiator, to see if it is cracked or not…

honda/acura uses toyo and denso products! You can check the radiator is the wrong one, but i doubt it. The probably might be a thermostat going out and not letting water in the engine so it just shoves the engine water into the radiator (over filling it). Mine was doing that for a while and spilling out the rad cap. I change the thermostat and rad cap. I also had to change a few houses that blew up because of it!

when i got the new radiator cap i went to autozone, i told him the year make model and vtec and he put it in the computer and got the one, looks identical to the stock one. as for the thermostat, my car never registers hot at all, its always on the low side of cool, so i dont think thats it. somewhat frustrating…any other ideas?

The pos radiator ends are made of plastic. They will crack after a while. If it was overflowing it would go into the overflow tank and eventually to the ground.

I’d check the part that the spout for cracks and also all the hoses around that area.