Radio, clock, buttons lights not working .. ?

just recently put an aftermarket radio into my ls BUT it still wont work, i had a conversion harness and everything

my clock also wont work because the lights went out all the sudden

also my buttons for my brights, hazards, etc work HOWEVER the lights on the buttons wont turn on ?

this all happened around the same time as my radio having issues

what could be the problem ? are they all interconnected somehow ?

ive been thinking maybe its a ground issue, do they have a central ground ?

thanks for the help guys

Check the fuses. I had the same problem and it was a fuse that kept blowing due to a POS phone charger. I wish i could give you the exact fuse number, but im at work so i cant really look. Hope it helps

It’s definitely just a fuse. Unfortunately until you nail down the issue they could keep blowing. Try disconnecting the radio before replacing the fuse, if you plug it and everything goes out then you know the radio is the problem.