radio only works when headlights on!

okay so after deleting my antenna i rewired my cd player cause it wouldnt work after the delete. i messed around with the wires and after a couple of blown fuses i wired the orange wire from the harness to the red one that goes to the cd player. now it only works when the headlights are on. anyone have any clue to whats wrong with my wirings???

You can’t wire up a stereo by randomly hooking up wires.

Get a stereo wiring diagram indicating what wire is what and hook it up properly.

i know wiring it randomly is not a good idea, its temporary. also it worked fine before i deleted my antenna. idk what happened but when i unhooked the antenna it just stopped working. before i rewired the radio the trunklight would blink and the clock would go off. could it be ground issues?