Rain = Passenger side water leak?

any teg owners have water leaking into the passenger side floor behind the dash opening? i see this only happens when it rains and only when the water sits for some time. i notice it when i take off and the water rushes out and leaks onto my floor mats. can you guys help a member out? hope this can explain it.

actually, i’ve got water leaking in the auto seatbelt-thingy that runs along the roof… rite at the end, when the door is open. its hella annoying… leaks rite next to my tweeters, then runs down to my regular door speakers… now i’m pissed.

thats caused from the seal along the door. i had the replaced a while back. did the same to my car but it not as bad as what you are telling me.

Mine does the same thing

I think it comes from the passenger side firewall, maybe from an bad grommet. I’ve had wires of all sort pulled in/out of there so it’s probably worn out.

CHECK TEG TIPS : There is a post to fix the problem with the part numbers required and qty required. You can do it your self if you buy the parts and have a metric socket (10 or 12MM) and a philips head screw driver.

I also had the leak from the door molding but on the drivers side I pulled the weather stripping off and removed the black trim piece. The seal on the back of it dry rots and lets water leak in . You can clean offf the old seal and place a bead of gasket sealer on the trim piece from end to end and reinstall. That will fix the trim piece leak.