ram air intakes??

i have ABS in my integ and i was wondering if any ram air intake for our year will fit… are the bends differnt or will it directly fit?? also had a question bout our motor mounts… all my mounts are busted and i was wondering if those polyurethane inserts will help?? each time i launch my wheels bounce… if any you guys have answer to my questions i will deeply apprecite it… thanks

i got a weapon r ram air kit from a buddy for free, idk if im gonna use it cuz im not sure if its that great but they make them , and u can place that scoop wherever u want

you need to be more specific, by ram air and abs, are you asking if there are any short ram intakes that will fit on an abs car? if so, then yes there are many. please search.

also the motor mount question can also be answered by searching.

my question is if a intake from a integ with no ABS should fit an integ with ABS… is the bends of the piping the same for all trims?? thanks for replying.

i dont think abs make a difference either way

actually it does. the iceman intake will only fit on a non abs car as the abs unit interferes with the intake piping.

some generic intake pipes may hit the abs unit or rub on various parts near the intake pipe, but the majority of intakes out there will fit on a abs car and vice versa, with the exception of the iceman intake.

i still dont think it makes a difference for ram intakes… my friend has abs and i dont, i bought my intake off him, it worked for him, its working for me… there is a bracket thing that isnt bolted down, but it doesnt makea difference

sigh…maybe you should read more carefully. i said the only intake that will not work on an abs car is the iceman intake because the abs unit gets in the way. the iceman is a cold air and can be converted to short ram. so it does make a difference depending on which intake you get. because of the icemans tapered pipe design(4" at the filter tapered down to throttle body size), it does hit the abs unit on an abs car.

not only that but some generic pipes have bends that aren’t perfect and will rub against some engine components. aem doesn’t have any fitting problems because of the 2.75" diameter pipe size vs. 3" for generic pipes.that is why it worked on both abs and non-abs cars, not only that but aem pipe bends are better made to fit accurately.

why don’t you try taking an iceman intake and putting it on an abs equipped car and tell me if it fits perfectly or not? like i have said before, abs does make a difference DEPENDING on which intake you get, and how well made(bend-wise) the pipe is from different companies.

yes bends are the same. depending on which intake(short ram or cold air, doesn’t matter) brand you get, those bends may not be perfectly done, and can possibly hit/rub against some engine components. i have had from experience many different intake brands. one generic pipe i had rubbed against the spark plug wire boots on the distributor. aem fit perfectly with no interference from engine parts. hks work perfectly only because it kept the stock intake arm.

aem, injen has better fitting intakes. most generic brands will work as well. iceman will not work on an abs equiped car.

matman4444: i’m tired of talking about intakes, all info can be found by searching. i’m not gonna dwell into this again and again, as i have in many many previous threads about intakes. say what you want about intakes fitting with abs and what not. just be prepared to defend yourself when another member comes back and starts throwing a fit because a member on here said that abs doesn’t matter when it comes to intakes. i’m done with this thread.

I’m pretty sure some intakes won’t work with abs, like the injen short ram.

iceman intake fits on my friend’s 90ls wit abs. :shrug: