Ram Air / Short Ram

Ok, i’m sorry, but i seem to keep noticing a reoccuring theme where people use the two phrases “Ram Air” and “Short Ram” interchangably (sp?). THEY’RE NOT THE SAME!!!

ram air = intake that has air forced into it through momentum, i.e. a front-mount filter or a line hooked to the vent on a 90-91 bumper

Short ram = short intake hose that sucks air in from right next to the battery.

Personally, i like the ram air, its a bit trickier to install (gotta move some stuff around) but i’ve noticed significant increases top end (partially due to the fact that air is being packed in while i’m haulin at the top end of each gear)

Short ram seems like a waste of money to me, unless you’re running it during the winter because your cold air extension would put ur filter underwater.

Sry, had to vent, tnx for listening.