random beeping

alright guys suddenly for some reason now when im driving my car i get a beep coming from inside the car, the seatbelts are all hooked in and the CEL isn’t on, however it sounds like the beep you get when dont have the belts hooked up except much slower and it only does it like once every 5 min. also sounds like its coming from the driver side somewhere? thanks for any help!

wow just realised im in the wrong forum for this, sorry. could a moderator move it please? anyhelp though is still appreciated!

passanger side beep is the seatbelt controler… drivers side is probaly the ICU… mine had that problem… more when its hot the cool outside it would randomly beep… stop… start… etc

sorry but what is the ICU and also is this a common problem that i shouldnt worry about? why does it do that?

ICU controls basic non essential stuff… rear defroster timer… intermitant wipers… front side markers… (they will random on and off) it is VERY common and most of us here dont have our originals as they go out alot…

on some failures the wipers will randomly go on there own

my car had thebeep… after about a year of beeping it stopped and burnt out too…u have no idea how nice the intermitant wipers are untill you have them

is there any way that i can fix this then? always wondered why my rear defroster just stayed on and never shut off lol.

ive never heard of it never going off… but theres so many ways to fail i guess its another one… have u waited the full 30min to see if it does shut off?

i have seen things on how to repair the ICU… but its looks really hard to me

just keep an eye in the forsale section… when people part out cars… get a post in saying you want the ICU… if u get it in first and its good u can get one pretty cheap usualy