random CEL

I blew my motor a few weeks ago and recently got a used B17 put in. It has AEM cam gears and we’re not sure how to set those so we left them on the original setting, I’m guessing this is why my car idles at 500 RPM instead of the normal 750 RPM. It doesn’t fluctuate or anything. Whenever I drive it it feels great but the CEL will randomly come on, I don’t even know why. I can turn the key to “off” and then back to “on” while driving and it will shut off. I can also stop, turn the car off, and then start it again and it will not come back on. But eventually I’ll drive and it will come back on again. Anyone ever had any similar problems? I dont think I can jump the two wires underneath the passenger floorboard to check what code it is because as soon as I shut the car off, the CEL shuts off. Just in case I can, which two wires do I need to jump? The blue and brown? Thanks in advance.

edit: i also have a brand new computer installed, so its probably not a bad computer.

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