(random question) f20c in a g2?

Is know there is no chance in hell…but what are the possiblilities?

Could you convert it to fir a FWD.

How about the mounts?

Wiring the car (ECU etc)

Tranny match ups- clutch placement, alignment etc??


Hello, it would be easier to get a K20 series motor in than an F20.

This came up a while back.


can’t you put the F20 head on a K series block?

The engine spins the wrong way sorry

Originally posted by red GSR
can’t you put the F20 head on a K series block?

I have no idea. I don’t know anything about the K-series motors or the F-series except that they all rotate clockwise. I do know that the stock RSX K20 head flows almost as much as a stock F20 head.

Originally posted by acurasquirrel
The engine spins the wrong way sorry

Correct, it spins clockwise instead of counter like the d/b/f/h series motors. This is not an issue if you use the correct tranny though. It does require the installer to mount the engine 180° from the stock one - i.e. tranny on the driver’s side just like in the RSX.

The problem I think with installing an F20 is that it’s meant for an FR chassis. Things like the Intake manifold will most likely not fit as they were designed to mounted longitudinally in the engine bay as to horizontally.

But anything is possible given enough money and desire - hell, they have Ford V8 powered Porsche 914s…