raplacing caliper.. need advise

ok i just changed my rotor and my brake pads because it was shaking real bad under braking conditions and now its fixed but i noticed that the one side is getting hot (like steaming hot). so i had a certified mechanic to take a look at it. he said that it might be the piston that needs to be changed, it wont retract, so im like “ok how much would it cost?” he gave me an estimate of $400 dollars so im likw What!?.
so now me and my friend will do it again but none of us have done it before. do i need to lube the slider? and what kind of grease? petrolatum or molybdenum disulfide maybe??hehehee.
we will be doing it tomorrow so i need answers ASAP!.. salamat sa inyo!

A rear caliper cost me $146 at the dealer. It’s a pretty straightforward process to install. Tell the mechanic to lay off the crack.


The caliper slider pins will require high-temperature grease (ask Autozone for some). A sticking piston can lock the pad against the rotor causing constant friction = heat, so that probably is your problem. It can’t hurt to remove the caliper and check it out though. Retract it, and check the seals.

In any case, don’t spend $400, that’s f’in crazy.