Re: 90 GS starter swap.. tools

Hey guys cool forums you have here!
I am swapping a starter in my 90 gs 2 dr 1.8
I got the connection and the top bolt off, but I can’t seem to find
the right setup to get at the bottom bolt… is it pretty necessary to have a wobbly (universal joint) to get in there? Thanks guys-

no, that bolt is just a pain to get to. need long extensions and patience, you can also try to look at it from the wheelwell. I think I reinstalled mine with the axle out, which made it much easier.

hehe, i just took one of ours out yesterday, we have 2 tegs. i loosened the top half of the starter, the armature housing by loosening the 2 screws and kind of moving the hosing up a little to get more room for your ratchet. after that it was cake.

btw AC lines are a pain in the ass cause they are in the way.