RE- Introducing myself to G2ic Member Since 2009 of May:)

To begin i have owned my beautiful Original 1990 Acura Integra RS
Which means Power nothing, and lightest one off all,
I Go by GERM ONE Originated from graffiti Scene in 2001
I come from Central California Located in a small city of Santa Maria Ca (805)…
Well here are some pictures that some of you have seen of my car in the past,

Which as of today my car sits with no motor and I’m planing to rebuild a new transplant

current picture no motor no more rear fogs BARD (B17A1):

This will also be my BUILD thread as i go building and educating some of things you might not know or see hope you all enjoy:)

picture of the Team Gouki
Long beach Irvine Santa Maria

Shout out to my boy big O from the team and his G2I

No holding out, details of the planned rebuild!!

Full wire tuck bay, I’m currently in the process of building a LS-V fully gut everything inside and repaint , as well with engine bay and Possibly a Carbon Fiber Top!!!
And start tracking it :slight_smile:

Amazing DA! Was nvr a fan of rear fogs but that’s cause iv only seen it wen they put 1, but u rocked it very well! Very nice! How do u plan to go about with a carbon fiber top?

Carbon fiber roof cap… They do exist for our cars.

Good stuff!

I was thinking of actually chopping the top the car weights under 2000 pounds I want it at 1800 lol but if it goes as planned I’ll be chopping the center piece and using a adhesive to bond the carbon fiber it’s a process but I’m aiming for it

Thanks alot the rear fog lights were awesome when I bearly released that look in 2010-2012 I handed them down to my Boy Pink DA looks super nice as well I’ll post a picture

If you cut your RS roof off, lmk, I’m in the market for one. I currently have a carbon cap on mine but would much prefer an OE roof.

Yea man I’ll start posting pictures , when I get started big project