re-manufactured parts from Acura. Same as Autozone stuff?

So if you buy a re-manufactured part from the dealership, are the internals and the cast pieces all OEM stuff like if you bought all the little o-rings and seals from Acura and did it your self, or is it like the hit or miss stuff you get from Autozone, Napa, etc?

Really, I don’t really care if the seals and o-rings are OEM as long as they are the correct spec. What I do care about is the casting. In my experience there is a big difference between OEM and aftermarket casts of parts and any seal or gasket that isn’t round.

So if I can get OEM quality by paying a little more for reman at the dealership, I’ll do it but if it is the same crap I get at Napa, I’ll just rebuild it myself.

If it matters, right now I’m looking at the power steering rack.

OEM Re-man’d should be the same as a brand-new unit, including all of the same parts… that is, unless said parts have been superceded by a new part, then it would obviously have the newer part/seal/gasket, w/e.

That’s what I am hoping but I see you said “should be”. I just hate how the stuff you get at autoparts store isn’t actually remanufactured. It is usually new and crappy. Got some rear brake cylinders for my Civic (oh how I hate drum brakes) a few months ago and the castings weren’t even close to being the same as the factory one. I mean, sure, it still bolted up and was only like $12, but I’m not putting that shit on my Integra.

Maybe I’ll ask our acura part sponsor.

I’m 99% sure that this is the case… but if you do indeed ask a dealer or our sponsor, keep me updated on what you find out!