reading CEL's need some help

Okay got the 2nd gen b16 which means OBD 1 which it went into and obd 1 car (92 LS) okay now for the kicker from what I have read and researched , this is what I have coming up on the CEL 7 fast flashes and long pause 2 short flashes is it 72 which is cylinder 2 misfire or is it 7 and 2 which is TPS and No 2 O2 sensor (which is non- exsistent on obd -1 cars…answer me that…very confusing is a matter of a fact even switched eCUs just to make sure the ecu wasn’t bad…went from pr3 to p72…someone enlighten me please

What you have is a code 7 and a code 20. The code 7 is your TPS, your best bet is to find a used throttle body with the TPS still attached and that should fix that code. The code 20 is for the ELD which your ECU isn’t going to find in your car since Honda didn’t start putting them in Integra’s 'til '94. It’s nothing to worry about though since it’s a secondary code - just get rid of the code 7, reset the ECU and you won’t have a CEL anymore.

leftcorner thanks for the input…thats is all i needed to know have been on honda tech, hybrid garage and the hondata site and still really nothing explains it like that …Thanks again…