Reading ECU error codes correctly?

searched and read the teg tip, but I still have some unanswered questions.

My car’s Check Engine Light came on a couple of times today, and stayed on, until I turned the car off and restarted.

From reading the Helms manual, Chapter 11, page 38, I’m assuming this means that the Back-Up system of the ecu was in operation at the time. What does thsi mean? I did not notice any loss of power or anything else at all.

Tonight I looked at the ECM (ECU) light whilst I turned my key to start and all I saw was a single repeating blink (Oxygen Sensor).

My teg is a 91, but Australian delivered, I’m assuming it has the same ECU and engine as the US-spec cars.

Did I read the code correctly? I have not noticed any problem with the car at all.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing the driving test for the Oxygen Sensor, as detailed in Chapter 11, page 54.

I figured that if I reset the ECU and check for codes, nothing should appear, until of course, the check engine light appears again.

i am having the exact same issue…i just checked my ecu, and i get a steady rhythm of one long blink from the indicator light = o2 sensor…

thanks for posting the helms page, i was able to read up farther on that,…and i’m replacing my sensor saturday :slight_smile: