Really!?! Is this real? (sideskirts)

Didnt no there was optional sideskirts?

I would imagine there are

They look legit i just didnt no that they came on them. Figured id share with the g2 community. =)

yep they are real; they were an oem option for 90-91 years only.

here’s a pic of them installed on a really OG member tnd2gen’s (patrick dupuis) DA; my all-time favorite DA and as well as my inspiration for my build:bowdown:

also here’s some footage of him at Leguna Seca:manual:

to all you newbies to the G2 community, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Aww ic now it came with the kit that was for the 90-91 years only.
I wonder how it would look like with 92 front and back bumpers

I think i might buy these…


They’re an option for the 90-91, but would they fit on the 92 body?

You can only use them with 90-91 bumpers… 90-93 bodies are all the same and have nothing to do with something mounting to the bumper.

How can you only use them on 90-91 if they are sideskirts, and the body is the same?

I think he meant the kit, as a whole, will not work on a '92-93 because of the different bumpers.