REALLY need help with cat, header, and exhaust lengths!! PLEEZ HELP

well heres the deal, i need a cat / test pipe. I am runing a type r dc jdm 4-1 header, and a 90-91 greddy mx exhaust ( just got it!! ) I think the 90-91 greddy mx is 3" shorter ( exactly ) than the 92-93 exhaust, but at the same time, i dont konw how much longer / shorter the type r header is. I have to order my special cat b/c its going to have a 2.5 flange for the bigger header. Anyone w/ any advice would greatly be appreciative …thanks…later.

The JDM ITR header is EXACTLY the same length as the 92-93 Header. So all you need is custom cat/test pipe with 2.5" flange and a 3" extension on your exhaust. This was the same setup I was running.

dan- who welded your stuff? did you have an exhaust shop weld it, b/c they told me they couldn’t even touch the catalytic converter at all…hmmm…any help would be appreciated…did you get my email? ( did ya get that memo? ← what movie? )

dan im confused, did you have a 3" extension on your exhaust, or on your cat…if it’s done on your cat, wanna sell it? hehe…lemme know man. later

Okay…didn’t get the e-mail…yet. And that quote was from Office Space…one of my favorite movies.

This is what I did. I bought a Catco universal 2.5" inlet and outlet cat (14.4 Inches long) and had the exhaust shop make it the SAME length as the stock cat with a 2.5" flange on the end (so 17.5" total length). Then I had them cut the end off of my test pipe and weld on a 2.5" flange to that. So if I needed to, I can change from one to the other not having to worry about the length. You won’t find a shop that will cut your stock cat. You need a universal fit Catco ($50 from Summit Racing).