Rear AGX warning and information

I got the rear 89-91 Civic AGX’s on my car about 2 years ago from suggestions on here because they would fit. Well I put them on and my rear never really lowered and it kinda looked weird. Anyways this past weekend I pulled the AGXs and put on some stock struts for the hell of it, ithe rear is easy enough to do. I compared the 2 struts and the perch is about 3/4 inches higher on the AGXs. So considering my sportlines are like 1.8" drop in the front and 1" in the back it was kinda like I just lowered the front. It looked weird and it felt odd handling because the geometry was way off with the front being lower. It handles better now with stock struts with little life in them than the AGXs just because the car has a flat stance. I suggest you get another strut made for your car unless you have a adjustable coilover spring.