Rear Brake Pads--IMMEDIATE Help Needed Pleeeze!

I’m following the Teg Tips on replacing the rear brake pads for the first time and up to this point it’s been easy as pie.

I’m now at the step where you have to push the piston back in order fit the caliper around the new pads and am unsure of what the correct procedure is:

My question is, are you supposed to TWIST the piston (as directed in the teg-tip instructions) or simply PUSH on it to get it to move back? I can’t find anything wide enough to effectively turn it and it doesn’t seem to budge when I press against it.

I did the front brake pads 5 years ago and I vaguely recall having to PUSH the piston in. It’s been a long time so I may be mistaken.


Push and twist to right. so that the piston will go in also pop the cap on master cylinder.

Many thanks dude!:cool:

I don’t know if they rear is the same as the fronts but I would assume so. When I changed my front pads I just used a C clamp to push the piston back in.

when i did my rear brakes i used needle nose pliers to push it back (just put the tips in the middle one on top one on the bottom and turn to the right),im pretty sure you cant use a c-clamp,it might work but it is not recomended.


the front ones are different, for those you only need to push the piston in. But for the rear ones the piston has threads, like a bolt I guess, and for this reason you need to rotate it to make it displace.