Rear Brake Problem

I had new brake pads put on about 2 months ago because the rear caliper had got stuck and wore down the pads on the drivers side rear. I replaced the caliper with a low miles used unit and replaced the pads.

A few weeks ago the same brake started making a metal to metal noise (kinda like the low brake pad metal noise) but only going around a right hand corner. Then it started making a loud metal moan when I would back up. Last night it got where it would make a scraping sound when driving all the time. This morning I took the brakes apart and looked at the pads and they were like new. I don’t know if the caliper is stuck again or what.

Any other helpful hints???

Well I fixed the problem. Stuck rear caliper. Replaced the caliper for the 2nd time with a better unit. Hopefully it will last.

Firstly, I would be checking the caliper slides, make sure there free and well lubricated with grease. Secondly, make sure the parking brake cable hasnt seized up and ensure it is free to move within the tube. ounds to me that the cable has jammed up somewhere in the tube so when you disengage the hand brake there is still some lock up on the rear caliper.A quick check is to raise the wheel and to make sure the wheel spins freely.

It was the caliper, when you try and turn and press the caliper to push it back in (rear brakes need a special tool or big screwdriver) the old one is completely stuck and will barely move. The new one will turn with little to no problem. I checked the e-brake and it’s in good shape also. I also bleed the brakes again and it’s firmer than it’s ever been :smiley: Guess my wife is better at doing brakes than my mechanic:p