Rear Bumper removal

Hey Guys,

 Can anyone give me instructions on how to remove the rear bumber on a 91 GS Integra?  If you guys know any links pls. post.  Thanks.

Take out the plastic cover inside the hatch between the tail lights. In the bottom corners there is a nut on each side. under the car behind a plactic cover on each side are the other nuts that need to be removed.

  1. remove your mud guards. at least the 2 screws that hold them to the bumper cover.

  2. remove the screws just above the mud guards two on each side.

  3. remove the plastic covers and the nuts from under the car

  4. disconnect the wire harness inside the trunk area. on the passanger side behind the plastic panel at the rear of the car.

  5. remove the nuts from inside the trunk area. and have someone help you pull the bumper off. one on each side.