Rear bumper support

Can anyone suggest a good way to mount the bumper cover without the bumper support? My rear bumper support was so rotted that it about fell off, but now I don’t have a way to mount the cover with Jerry rigging it with metal strapping! Can you say ghetto?! How can I do it right without buying another support assembly?

Like you said…unless you make some custom brackets or get it tubed all drifter status…you don’t have much choice.

How do you mean tubed? I’m pretty ignorant of all this

That’s a tubed rear end. Most people make brackets so you can still mount a bumper on it, but more of a quick release. Mainly cause drifter guys crashinto things so often, you would see it on the front end more than the rear. Not very practical for our cars regardless unless you were a hardcore track guy.

Oh ok! Full tube chassis basically. Sorry I come from a late 60’s early 70’s dodge world! Lol my first thought when you said tubed was tubbing a car Rolf. Talk about going over my head

thats not full tube chassis, thats just a really well built roll cage and custom rear bumper support so its easy to remake and just weld on cuz drifterz crash ALOT lol

With my 64 Plymouth valiant its full tube chassis with a body.