rear bumper

Im trying to take of my back bumper… what bolts i am missing to take off the back bumper ?.. i got the ones by the wheels, the 2 underneath, the 2 big ones inside the trunk… and i think theres like 4 more in between the tail lights and the bumper connecting it still…
i searched but it wasnt specific enough…

could someone tell me what i have to do to get these last 4 off??? thanks for any help


It should pull free, you have removed all the fasteners…The other 4 bolts/nuts inside the trunk are for the metal instert that is between the tail lights and the bumper cover.

Edit: you did remove the two nuts that are under the car , right? They are the same size as the two from inside the trunk. They are behind plastic covers. One is just above the exhaust tips on the frame of the car and in the same location on the other side.