rear crossmember removal

So after hitting a curb, I need to replace my rear crossmember. Besides the exauhst and shifter stuff, what else has to go. And with the steering, do I have to drop it right out, or can i slide the crossmember out…What’s required in order to take out the steering if necessary

Rear crossmember? Don’t you mean the front?

Nope, I mean the rear…It’s like at the back of the engine bay…connected to front via middle support bar

You have to disconnect the steering column from inside the car, then pop the outer tie rod ends out of the knuckles. Then the steering rack will come out with the crossmember. I don’t think you’ll be able to slide the crossmember out without removing the steering rack as well. Don’t forget that the rear engine mount bolts to the crossmember, so you’ll have to get that bolt out too. Oh yeah, and you’ll have to disconnect all the power steering lines… always forget about those.